Meeting of Zelenskyy and Representatives of the US Congress

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 22, 2022
Meeting of Zelenskyy and Representatives of the US Congress

The delegation from both legislative parties arrived in Kyiv to show solidarity with Ukraine, which "fights for democracy, which a large part of the world cares about"

On October 20, a delegation of 3 congressmen of the House Intelligence Committee arrived in Kyiv and held talks with Zelenskyy. Delegates led by democrat Jim Hymes visited a power plant in Kyiv that was attacked by an Iranian drone on October 17.

"It seemed really important to all of us to be here as part of a bipartisan delegation to make an unmistakable statement that the people and government of the United States stand with the people and government of Ukraine," Jim Himes.

Today, the main task in supporting Ukraine is to increase the number of air defense. Therefore, president Zelenskyy addressed the delegates with a request to help create an air shield over our country. Mike Turner commented that the technical (weapons) and informational (intelligence data) US assistance to Ukraine varies depending on the situation at the front.

"We are considering both the transfer of air defence systems and the possibility of hitting individual drones. But we need to achieve this together," Turner said. |Our goals are the same."

Journalists asked Mike Turner about the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and whether Ukraine's support level will change if the republicans get a majority of the vote. To which the parliamentarian replied that "Ukraine enjoys strong bipartisan support, and it will continue."

We remind you that after republican Kevin McCarthy's statement about the possible termination of the "carte blanche" for Ukraine after winning the elections, Joe Biden used this and several other similar theses of other republicans as a position that undermines the leadership of the United States in the growing precariousness of the world.

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