Minus One Way Around Sanctions Against Russia

Tuesday, May 17, 2023
Minus One Way Around Sanctions Against Russia

Borrell urges action to curb Russian oil purchases via India

India is one of the largest buyers of Russian oil. However, the problem is that the country buys this resource not only for domestic use but for processing and resale to the European market. Thus, Russia gets the opportunity to circumvent sanctions, and India becomes an accomplice in the bloodshed.

EU sanctions imposed against Iran's activity in Venezuela, processed oil is not defined as that which relates to the exporting country. However, in the case of Russia, Josep Borrell insists, Western states should be more careful and take measures to stop this scheme.

"That India buys Russian oil, it's normal. And if, thanks to our limitations on the price of oil, India can buy this oil much cheaper, well, the less money Russia gets, the better," Josep Borrell.

"But if they use that in order to be a centre where Russian oil is being refined, and by-products are being sold to us... we have to act," Josep Borrell.

The situation is complicated by the fact that India imports oil from many countries, and after processing, it is very difficult to determine the original oil product field.

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