The Russian Invaders Continue to Alienate the Ukrainian Nation

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, May 11, 2023
The Russian Invaders Continue to Alienate the Ukrainian Nation

Occupation "authorities" in territories temporarily uncontrolled by Ukraine threaten Ukrainians with deprivation of parental rights and the right to medical care

It's 341 days of war. While the Ukrainian side is contemplating steps to liberate the occupied territories, the Kremlin seeks new justifications for its crimes. This was reported by the National Resistance Center, which is under the patronage of the armed forces of Ukraine. According to the statement, the occupation "authorities" received a decree from Moscow to accelerate the issuance of Russian passports to Ukrainian people. It becomes obvious that Ukrainians do not want to be with Russia, and almost every passport of the Russian Federation issued in the occupied territory is the result of blackmail.

The National Resistance Center reports that Russian occupiers may intentionally damage the Ukrainian passports of locals. Especially in the Kherson region. Obtaining a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation offered the opportunity to leave the city and get medical care. If captured Ukrainians refuse the aggressor's passport — they might die in the town.

In addition, the Russian authorities forcibly passport children aged 14. If the parents do not bring the child to the so-called administrative officer to obtain a passport, they are threatened with deprivation of parental rights. In addition, since September 30, 2022, occupiers register all newborn children as citizens of the Russian Federation.

Russia is losing the war. But such a move shows that the Kremlin does not renounce the violence of a neighbouring country. The compulsory issuance of Russian documents is compared to rape and murder. This move continues the genocide of the Ukrainian people, as well as missile attacks on the civilian population, execution of prisoners of war, and deportation of Ukrainian children to the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is a terror that has long lost its moral framework and territorial boundaries.

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