MoD of Ukraine Commissioned Domestic Tanks “OPLOT”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, May 14, 2023
MoD of Ukraine Commissioned Domestic Tanks “OPLOT”

Battle tanks were created in Ukraine. The defence minister conducted testing

The Kharkiv engineering bureau of mechanical engineering has developed and assembled modern tank models. The tracked machine was named Oplot. The first model was produced in 2018. Since that time, the Ukrainian tank has been adopted in the United States and Thailand. Due to Russian military aggression, Ukrainian engineers began to improve the tank.

Now the Ukrainian bureau has introduced a modernized tank. The fortress has high firepower, multilayer protection, and excellent manoeuvrability. Ukrainian tanks can hit the ground and low-flying objects. In the new model are built modern systems of radio communication, thermal imager, laser range finder, environmentally friendly diesel engine (1200 litres).

The new version of the tracked car has already been tested. Minister of defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov arrived in Kharkiv with a business visit, including a test drive Oplot. As a result of testing, the minister said this tank should become the main armoured self-propelled vehicle for the Ukrainian army. Thus, the Ministry of defense of the country concluded a contract with the Kharkiv bureau for the production of Oplot tanks.

"On the front must necessarily have an armoured fist because the most important value is preserving our defenders. They need armoured vehicles to protect us and keep them healthy. It was decided that the Ministry of defense of Ukraine will order Oplot for the Ukrainian army," summarized Reznikov.

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