Modular Eco-Houses Building in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Modular Eco-Houses Building in Ukraine

In the Lviv region will be another house for internally displaced persons

The Lviv region has become one of the safest places for Ukrainians who fled from the east and south of the country. Each city receives several thousand internally displaced persons. According to the data received from the mayor of Drohobic, Lviv region, Taras Kuchma about 10.000 people replenished the city in 3 months. Therefore, it was decided to build an apartment building.

This will be a modular-frame house on 2-3 floors. The new house in Drohobic is divided into 8 apartments for settlers from the hot spots of Ukraine. The area of one apartment will be about 50 m2. It is assumed that such a room will be able to provide a roof over the head for 10 people. Thus, the new building will accommodate about 80 people:

  • Women;
  • Children;
  • Pensioners;
  • Large Families.

The house will be built for the budget of the city. The construction is planned to take no more than 3 months. The commissioning of the house will take place in September.

"At the same time, the city is working on the realization of other grandiose projects – construction of multi-apartment buildings for settlers. To the important business – large-scale housing construction for internally displaced persons – are ready to attract sponsors and charitable funds from the world community, charitable foundations, etc.," Taras Kuchma said.

Recall in Lviv has already built 2 modular towns for internally displaced persons.

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