Ukraine Initiates Production of VNP-50 Anti-Personnel Mines

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Ukraine Initiates Production of VNP-50 Anti-Personnel Mines

Ukraine has successfully commenced the manufacture of VNP-50 anti-personnel mines, drawing significant attention from the occupying forces

These newly produced mines bear a strong resemblance to the Soviet-era MON-50, with the primary difference being the markings. The Russian military has reported encountering a substantial quantity of these Ukrainian-manufactured mines on the battlefield, highlighting their effectiveness and similarity to the original Soviet design. Additionally, a more potent variant, akin to the Soviet MON-100, has been identified, featuring a completely plastic body which potentially reduces its weight compared to the original 5-kilogram munition. The MON-50 is known for its directional explosive capability, creating a lethal zone up to 50 meters away, while the MON-100 can impact infantry and even armored vehicles within a 160-meter range. This development underscores Ukraine's ongoing efforts to enhance its defensive capabilities amidst the conflict.

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