Moldova Replaces Russia in Gas Routes to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Moldova Replaces Russia in Gas Routes to Ukraine

For the first time in history, Moldavian state company "Energocom" imported natural gas on a reverse scheme from Europe to Ukraine

On November 3, the Moldovan company launched the first-ever gas sales scheme in Ukraine according to May agreements. Energocom purchased 5.6 million m³ of natural gas. The fuel was to be delivered to Ukraine. For this purpose, the state used the services of Slovakia and the points of connection Budinci. The first gas imported by the Moldovan state is already in Ukrainian underground storage facilities.

Moldova has sufficient reserves of gas for export. Today, there are about 157 million m³ in storage facilities. It is reported that 60 million m³ of is located in Ukrainian storage. Therefore, Moldova and Ukraine can work on the reverse program, thus losing dependence on Russian fuel.

"For the first time, the Republic of Moldova imported natural gas under the reverse system, from the west to the east, thus having revealed the myth that natural gas and light can come only from the Russian Federation," said the minister of infrastructure and regional development of Moldova Andriy Spin.

Recall that Ukraine completely renounced neighbouring gas because of the Russian invasion of its territory. 

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