Ukraine Began to Sell Electricity to Moldova

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 13, 2022
Ukraine Began to Sell Electricity to Moldova

On May 10, Ukrainian "Ukrhydroenerho" and Moldavian "Energocom" signed a contract for electricity export

Every day at auctions on access to the interstate networks, Ukrhydroenerho buys capacity according to the daily plan of electricity sales Energocom and Moldelectrica.

Ukraine sells electricity to Moldova, ensuring the necessary regional consumption of the country even during peak periods. According to Ukrhydroenerho, its generating capacity is able to provide for both Ukrainian consumers and export. Test deliveries to Moldova have already begun.

"It is worth noting that due to the export, Ukrhydroenergo provides funds to national energy company Ukrenerho for the provision of electricity transmission services, as well as the sale of some extra electric energy during spring water production," Ihor Syrota, CEO of Ukrhydroenerho.

We would like to remind you that within the framework of joining ENTSO-E, Ukraine has got an opportunity to sell its electricity to European countries. Bulgaria is also considering the purchase of Ukrainian electric energy.

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