A Mural Dedicated to Ukraine Appeared in Vienna

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 20, 2022
A Mural Dedicated to Ukraine Appeared in Vienna

The "The Stripes of Freedom", according to its creators, is a symbol of Ukraine's belonging to the European society

The mural The Stripes of Freedom appeared in the capital of Austria. Its creators are Ukrainian artist Nikita Kravtsov and French comic book artist and director Vincent Parrono.

Notably, stripes are part of the Ukrainian national women's attire. Traditionally, ribbons are woven into a flower wreath, and each colour of the ribbon has its own meaning: a light brown ribbon symbolizes the Ukrainian land-nurse land, yellow ribbons are a symbol of the sun, light green ribbons are a symbol of girlish youth and beauty. The dark and pale blue colours of the ribbons are symbols of water and a clear sky, which give strength and good health to the owner of the wreath. Orange is a symbol of bread, and purple is a symbol of human wisdom. It is also very important that there are raspberry ribbons in the wreath — a symbol of soulfulness, sincerity, and pink ones —a symbol of abundance.

The mural was created within the framework of the cultural project The Wall, which operates on the initiative of the Ukrainian Institute, the Port agency with the support of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine.

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