The “McCain Halifax Prize” in 2022 Awarded to All Women of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 20, 2022
The “McCain Halifax Prize” in 2022 Awarded to All Women of Ukraine

The annual award is given to individuals who have shown particular leadership in the pursuit of justice

On November 18, Halifax hosted the annual The John McCain Prize for Leadership in Public Service. The son of McCain Sr. Jack McCain said that this year the award is given to brave heroes — Ukrainian women.

"We want to celebrate the courage and contribution of Ukrainian women. They receive the current McCain Halifax Prize. Brave women, trying to protect their families, send their sons and men to war and fight themselves, protecting the country from Putin's aggression," Jack McCain.

McCain focused on the fact that Ukrainian women "unwittingly became heroines, demonstrating courage, honour and dignity, which inspires us all."

"The world sees women across Ukraine fighting back against the aggressor, escaping with their families, helping out after bombings, supporting the war effort, fighting on the front lines and all too often burying those killed by the Russians," continued Jack McKay.

The award was presented within the framework of the International security forum, and first lady Olena Zelenska represented the women of Ukraine. She stressed that this award would be valid for Ukrainian mothers, grandmothers, wives, and daughters, as the memory of John McCain is celebrated in Ukraine; in Kyiv, there is a street named after senator McCain.

We remind you that this year the European Parliament presented the Sakharov prize For Freedom of Thought to "Brave Ukrainian people."

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