More $400 Mln Military Aid From the USA

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, March 4, 2023
More $400 Mln Military Aid From the USA

On March 3, Pentagon announced the additional weapon/heavy vehicle package for Ukraine 

Pentagon publicly announced the transfer of $400 million of aid to Ukraine. This amount will cover the military needs of the Ukrainian army shortly. The financing of weapons will be carried out through presidential authority. This means that Joe Biden prepared the transfer of military aid to Ukraine without a congressional vote.

According to the American government, the aid package will include the following: 

  • Additional ammunition for the HIMARS multiple-launch rocket system;
  • Ammunition for Bradley infantry fighting vehicles;
  • Artillery shells (2 types: 105 mm and 155 mm);
  • Military equipment to create crossings;
  • Explosive equipment;
  • Field equipment; 
  • Inspection and diagnostic equipment for vehicle maintenance and repair.

It is also expected that part of the funds will be allocated for providing financial support to Ukraine, conducting training for the armed forces of Ukraine and servicing the army's needs.

In addition, the USA is going to send $10 million in assistance to Ukraine for the support of energy infrastructure.

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