More German “Leopards” in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 31, 2023
More German “Leopards” in Ukraine

On August 30, the German government announced the shipment of aтщерук military aid to Ukraine

According to the statement, Ukraine transferred 10 battle tanks Leopard 1A5. Recall that a total of 9 partner countries should transfer 150 tanks to the armed forces of Ukraine. Currently, Ukrainian defenders are fighting the invaders with more than 30 units of Leopard 2.

The package of military assistance from Berlin is supplemented by:

  • Drones for reconnaissance Vector;
  • Transporters for tanks;
  • Ammunition for small arms;
  • Field hospital.

Also, the German government sent a radar aerial surveillance system to TRML-4D. This is the 3rd such system that Ukraine received during the war. These radars are designed for early detection of aerial objects. In addition, the system works even under challenging conditions when the enemy uses tactics to deceive air defence systems. Radar classifies air targets and can detect small, fast and low-flying, manoeuvring cruise missiles, aircraft, and helicopters hovering in the air.

Ukraine has not yet commented on the receipt of assistance.

In August, Germany already provided additional assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On August 9, Kyiv received 2 Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems.

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