Moscow and St. Petersburg Demand Putin’s Resignation

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Moscow and St. Petersburg Demand Putin’s Resignation

18 municipal districts have signed a demand for Putin's resignation and accuse him of high treason

On September 7, 2022, a deputy of the St. Petersburg municipal district, Dmitry Palyuga, submitted an appeal to the Russian parliament for discussion by the city council demanding that Putin be removed from the presidency due to high treason.

"The Council of the Smolninskyy municipal districts decided to appeal to the state Duma deputies with a proposal to bring charges of treason against President Putin in order to remove him from office. The decision was supported by the majority of the deputies present," Dmitry Palyuga.

"The activities of the president do not meet the interests of Russia," Nikita Yuferev, deputy of the St. Petersburg council.

"We, the municipal deputies of Russia, believe that the actions of president V. V. Putin are detrimental to the future of Russia and its citizens. We demand the resignation of Vladimir Putin from the post of President of the Russian Federation!" deputy of the St. Petersburg Semenovskyy municipal district Ksenia Torstrem.

Russian journalist Elena Rukovtseva said Russia is brewing "the Great October revolution, which will again be with St. Petersburg."

"Deputies from another 18 municipal districts signed a demand for Putin to resign. They joined those from the Smolninsky municipal district who accused him of treason," Elena Rukovtseva.

I wonder who will get Putin out of the bunker in Altai faster: the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Russian people he betrayed.

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