Murdering of Fluffy Friends — Another Tragedy of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 6, 2022
Murdering of Fluffy Friends — Another Tragedy of Ukraine

Russians shoot our animals. Our animals die under rubbles. The occupiers destroyed the Ukrainian eco-park in the Kharkiv region

Feldman Eco-park, located in a forest beyond Kharkiv, was a unique phenomenon for the country. People from different cities in Ukraine came to the park. Ecopark itself was a shelter and rehabilitation center for a variety of animal species. These animals helped in the therapy of children with special needs. But such a cycle of assistance was destroyed by the Russian occupiers, who captured the city almost in the first days of the war.

Ecopark was subjected to rocket and artillery shelling, and animals starve because volunteers and workers could not get out on the streets. But people helped 4.000 animals from the park at the first opportunity.

In early April, the park's territory was again shelled by the Russian military. There are dead animals. The eco-park management decided to take a difficult step in the war conditions and wanted to take out the remaining animals.

Evacuating people from the hot spots is difficult, but frightened and hungry animals are even harder. Fortunately, the governors of the city of Dnipro wanted to help.

This was reported by the deputy mayor of Mykhailo Lysenko and the mayor Borys Filatov himself.

"Do you know why we are different from them? Yesterday I read a post of Anton Gerashchenko describing that in occupied Bucha, a limb of a "RuZZian" in a boot was laying just on the side of the road for a month. All this time, the fellow officers of their compatriots were passing by. They didn't even try to take away from the road and bury the foot of their battle buddy!!!

Today we, the mayor's office of Dnipro, are evacuating the animals from the zoo of the Feldman-Ecopark not far from Kharkiv. 

We are saving the animals under the fire.

We are taking them to Dnipro, Kyiv, and Zhytomyr.

Because we are humans. 

That is why we save the animals. 

Our monkeys, panthers, bears, and parrots.

And the neighboring country is not about humans. They don't even care about the remains of their compatriots. Inhumans who do not deserve to be called "animals"," Filatov wrote on the official Facebook page, confirming the beginning of the animal evacuation.

Routes, costs, and details are kept confidential for security reasons. But the Dnipro became not only a hub for refugees but also for unhappy animals now.

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