NATO Is Ready to Provide “Patriot” Air Defence to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
NATO Is Ready to Provide “Patriot” Air Defence to Ukraine

On November 29, Jens Stoltenberg confirmed the readiness of the alliance to continue deliveries of defence systems to Ukraine, including the previously undiscussed 

On November 29, a 2-day summit of NATO foreign ministers kicked off in Bucharest. As part of his speech, the NATO secretary general confirmed the alliance's readiness to continue supporting Ukraine's defence. In particular, in addition to the already proven NASAMS and IRIS-T, the American Patriot.

"This partly concerns the provision of new systems, such as, for example, Patriot, around which there is a discussion right now. But it is also about ensuring that the systems already delivered are functional and efficient," Stoltenberg said.

It should be noted that this discussion is not a guarantee of providing Patriot to our country's Armed Forces. More important now is the supply of spare parts and ammunition. The Ukrainian army effectively uses NASAMS and IRIS-T systems, and the focus will be on the maintenance of systems already serving at the front.

Now the Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba is present at the summit. Stoltenberg noted that Ukraine's immediate needs and requests will be discussed directly with the representative of Ukraine.

"This dialogue has already allowed us to bring assistance from NATO allies to an unprecedented level, both in terms of types of weapons and in the volume of such assistance. It is important that we be able to consider the entire list of requests, as we do in NATO and the Ramstein format," Stoltenberg.

We remind you that the main contender for the post of the next NATO SG is Christina Freeland, a Canadian politician with Ukrainian roots.

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