NATO Stood Up for Ukraine in the Information War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 14, 2022
NATO Stood Up for Ukraine in the Information War

Russia launched a lie campaign about smuggling and black arms manipulation in Ukraine

Russia continues false propaganda against Ukraine. This time, Russia invented that Ukraine is reselling the weapons it receives from NATO to protect its citizens and territory. Surprisingly, the campaign was even leaked to the editors of the Financial Times: the information resource published an article NATO and EU sound alarm over risk of Ukraine weapons smuggling.

And if earlier NATO did not react to Russia's attempts to undermine the authority of Ukraine. However, because the tentacles of lies have penetrated so deep, the Alliance spokesman commented on the statement of the Financial Times.

"NATO allies are in full solidarity with the leadership and people of Ukraine in the heroic defense of their country. We are helping to defend Ukraine's fundamental right to self-defense with an unprecedented level of support. We are confident in the commitment of the Ukrainian leadership to the proper preservation and accounting of allied weapons," commented a NATO representative.

Earlier, Peter Stano, EU speaker for foreign and security policy, spoke about this. In his speech, Stano said that Russia has taken disinformation seriously and does not disdain the lowest methods.

"We can't talk about NATO, but from the EU's point of view, Russian propaganda and disinformation make such attempts very regularly and massively. In fact, all information coming from the Kremlin or the Ministry of defense or the Ministry of foreign affairs (of Russia — ed.) is such massive propaganda and common lies," Peter Stano.

We remind you that to maintain the credibility of their lies, the Russians accused Ukraine of the fact that empty ships calling at Ukrainian ports for grain would bring weapons.

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