NATO Strengthens Relations With EU 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 14, 2022
NATO Strengthens Relations With EU 

On July 13, Josep Borrell said that against the backdrop of the war against Ukraine, international alliances have an obligation to strengthen cooperation and take greater responsibility for their own security

On July 13, the website of The Diplomatic Service of the European Union published a speech by vice-president of the European Commission Josep Borrell. In the article, Borrell describes the socio-political state of the European Union, NATO, Ukraine and Russia. The vice-president prescribes the importance of forming the EU's Strategic Compass and the tools to strengthen the security of the progressive community of the world.

"We need more deployable and inter-operable forces, ready to address the full spectrum of threats and risks. This means Europeans should spend more on defense and above all spend better, i.e. together. The fact that EU member states have said they will increase defense spending, by a total of around €200 billion, is most welcome. Second, as important as procuring the necessary capabilities is the need to demonstrate our willingness to use them and act as a security provider. This leads me to the third element: our ability to adapt and draw the right lessons. The speed at which the world is changing is often exceeding our capacity to cope. We need to become more agile and have a strong capacity for doing lessons learned, including in the field of CSDP," Josep Borrell.

We remind you that within the framework of the EU's Strategic Compass, by 2030, a rapid reaction army of 5.000 people will be created.

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