Nearly 19,000 Companies Relocate Within Ukraine Since Start of War

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, April 15, 2024
Nearly 19,000 Companies Relocate Within Ukraine Since Start of War

Since the onset of the full-scale Russian invasion in 2022, close to 19,000 companies have relocated within Ukraine, with more than 1,000 businesses moving from cities to regions, according to data from Opendatabot

The data highlights Kyiv and Zakarpattia Oblasts as the top destinations for these relocations, with the wholesale sector showing the highest frequency of relocation. Out of the businesses that moved, a significant portion, over 1,000, shifted from urban centers to less dense regions, emphasizing a strategic response to the wartime conditions. Notably, over 600 of these enterprises originally based in Kyiv moved to other areas, with another 60, accounting for 5.1%, relocating from Odesa.

The analysis indicates that the Kyiv region is the preferred destination for those moving out of big cities, with 546 relocations occurring there, representing nearly half of all business relocations since the conflict began. The route from Kyiv city to the Kyiv region is the most commonly used, involving 359 relocations, which constitutes about 30% of all movements to the region.

Other significant routes include movements from Lviv to the Kyiv region and from Kyiv to Transcarpathia, each accounting for 2.7% and 2.6% of relocations, respectively, or about 30-32 enterprises each.

The sectors leading in these shifts are predominantly the wholesale trade with 344 relocations, making up 29.3% of the total, followed by the transport industry, which accounts for 92 relocations or 7.8%.

This trend of internal displacement of businesses underscores the adaptability and resilience of the Ukrainian business sector amidst ongoing geopolitical challenges.

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