Negotiations of the MFA of Ukraine and France

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 31, 2022
Negotiations of the MFA of Ukraine and France

On May 30, Katherine Colonna held a briefing with MFA of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba

Katherine Colonna said that Europe must now be firm in its pressure on the country that started the war during the ministerial meeting.

"In this situation, we cannot afford to show weakness. We must act decisively and mobilize all available tools. We must make it impossible for Russia to continue this aggression."

The new French foreign minister Colonna said that France will continue the EU's coordination efforts to approve the 6th package of sanctions as the country presiding over the Council of the European Union. Also, France will continue to make efforts to minimize the dependence of the Union on energy from Russia.

"We know what needs the Ukrainian side has and what opportunities we have to satisfy this request... As you know, there will be new deliveries of Caesar self-propelled guns soon", Katherine Colonna.

During a visit to Bucha, the MFA of France announced the transfer of equipment to Ukraine for the fire safety and ambulance services of Ukraine. During a briefing with Kuleba, Katrin Colonna said that she personally took part in transferring cars and equipment.

We remind you that on February 24, it received about 100 million euros from France, the lion's share of which was initiated by the French communities.

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