Neo-Nazis and Sadists Discovered in Ru Army 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 23, 2022
Neo-Nazis and Sadists Discovered in Ru Army 

The German "Spiegel" published an article about neo-nazi groups and dog-eaters fighting on Russia’s side against Ukraine 

Since the first days of the offensive, the Russian Federation has accused Ukraine of nazism and fascism. The accusations of the rogue country have absurd and unsubstantiated arguments. In turn, international experts associate Putin and his country with Hitler’s Germany. Also recently, the German journal Spiegel published an article that reports the presence of neo-nazis and other criminals in the Russian army.

The article refers to the special services of Germany. It says that the Russian armed forces sent representatives of Russian neo-nazi groups to fight in Ukraine. Spiegel reports the presence of Russian in Ukraine:

  • Russian sabotage and assault reconnaissance group Rusich;
  • Neo-nazi formation of the Russian imperial league.

It is worth noting that the illegal armed group Rusich was already in Ukraine during the coup in the Donetsk region. The group members did not hide this and on their return to the Russian Federation reported on the completion of the mission. The group includes the world-famous sadist Oleksyi Melchakov.

The sadist has been known since 2011. Then the man published on social networks the severed head of a puppy, the process of killing a dog and eating it. A criminal is comparing dogs to barbecues. Oleksyi Melchakov was also photographed with the nazi flag. He deals with calls to kill homeless people, puppies, and children. 

Since 2015, the offender has been banned from EU territory. This man and several hundred other similar Russian criminals in 2022 daily kill up to 10 people in the not-occupied Donbas basin.

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