Netherlands Gives Ukraine All Its “F-16”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, August 26, 2023
Netherlands Gives Ukraine All Its “F-16”

Netherlands defence minister Kaisa Ollongren announced the transfer of 42 combat falcons

Partner country plans to leave only a few combat aircraft F-16 for training pilots of the armed forces of Ukraine. The minister also noted that the training of Ukrainian pilots will not end this year. The politician believes that Ukraine will still train other groups of military. She gave an example of the army of her state, which for all 40 years used F-16 and constantly recruited new specialists.

Other aircraft will be transferred to Ukraine's Armed Forces after training completion. The reason for this decision of the Netherlands was the renewal of the aviation fleet.

"We are switching from F-16 to newer F-35, but at some point, because of the war in Ukraine, we decided that we would not sell the old F-16, but would leave them available and now transfer them to Ukraine," Kaisa Ollongren said.

F-16 will arrive in Ukraine in good condition. Ollongren reported that all aircraft were always repaired promptly, modernised, and complied with storage conditions. Therefore, the Ukrainian army will immediately be able to rise to the sky on the F-16 after receiving them.

The Netherlands has become the 3rd state, providing Ukraine with Fighting Falcons.

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