New Features Update in the State Application “”

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
New Features Update in the State Application “”

Now on the “” portal, you can learn all about land reform

A new section Land Reform is available on the national portal for business development Now entrepreneurs will receive all the relevant information about opportunities for developing their own business in the field of land relations.

The page provides information on all new opportunities for landowners, farmers, and communities and those Ukrainians who previously did not have the opportunity to purchase and dispose of land.

Yes, the landowner finds out to whom he can sell the land, at what price, what documents are needed for this, whether it is possible to sell part of the land, and what taxes will have to pay at the time of sale, and so on.

The buyer will receive comprehensive information on all conditions of land purchase and collection of the necessary documentation.

The tenant will learn about:

  • Priority in the purchase of land;
  • Principle of realization of the preemptive right;
  • Various essential nuances of the lease agreement.

In addition, on the Land reform page on, everyone will find reference materials and instructions on land use and the purchase and sale of land.

1) The procedure for exercising the preemptive right during the sale of land.

2) Recommendations of the Ministry of agrarian policy on the use of land and its purchase.

3) How to prepare for the sale of land.

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