New Organization of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Lithuania

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 11, 2022
New Organization of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Lithuania

On February 10, the all-Latvian Ukrainian diaspora organization "Confederation of Ukrainians in Latvia "VECHE" was registered

According to the embassy of Ukraine in Latvia, VECHE is registered in the state register of legal entities of Latvia and pursues the following goals:

  • Association of Ukrainian patriotic organizations in Lithuania;
  • Will" rel="dofollow">promote support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine in the face of armed aggression against Ukraine;
  • Will promote the study of Ukrainian history, language, culture, and traditions;
  • Revival and development of traditions of ethnic groups of Ukraine;
  • Creation of appropriate conditions for ensuring the upbringing of youth in traditions, etc.

The management of the diaspora organization is carried out according to the rotational principle, and joining the organization is available to everyone who is in solidarity with the ideas of VECHE.

"We sincerely congratulate the Ukrainians of Lithuania on this achievement! We are sure that the creation of VECHE will unite Ukrainians in Lithuania" celebrated the feat of a Ukrainian at the Lithuanian embassy.

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