New Package of US Aid to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 5, 2023
New Package of US Aid to Ukraine

The Pentagon announced the allocation of $2.6 bln for the transfer of weapons to Ukraine under the PDA and USAI mechanisms

On April 4, the press conference announced the fact and composition of another package of military aid from the United States to Ukraine. It will include the following:

  • ammunition for Patriot, NASAMS and HIMARS;
  • projectiles and ammunition calibres from 22 to 155 mm;
  • heavy anti-tank guided missiles (TOW);
  • ≈ 400 grenade launchers and 200.000 ammunition;
  • Wheeled equipment for ammunition logistics, trucks for various purposes (including drone installations), fuel trucks, equipment repair, etc.;
  • Spare parts;
  • 10 mobile reactive systems with laser guidance;
  • 3 radar surveillance systems;
  • Missiles for GRAD;
  • Mortar systems of 120-mm and 81-mm calibres;
  • "Javelins";
  • Small arms and missiles;
  • Armoured systems for building bridges;
  • SATCOM terminals and service;
  • Training, service and support.

Assistance is provided within the framework of the powers of the Presidential Drawdown Authority ($500 million) and the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative ($2.1 billion). The Pentagon emphasizes that within the framework of USAI, the United States purchases equipment and does not allocate it from its own stocks.

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