New Prospects for Ukraine-EU Integration

Wednesday, July 7, 2021
New Prospects for Ukraine-EU Integration

On July 5, hearings of the Ukrainian parliament committee on economic development between Ukraine and the EU were held

Recently, economic hearings between Ukraine and the EU were held on the topic: "Strategic guidelines for deepening trade and economic relations between Ukraine and the EU countries in the context of the Association Agreement." Trade representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka and deputy minister Mikhail Lev took part from the Ministry of the economy. 

According to Taras Kachka, "Ukraine stands for the deepest possible revision of the association agreement, touching not only the trade and economic aspects. We are interested in deeper trade liberalization, modification of the PPS rules, the conclusion of the ACAA Agreement, and other ambitious and promising provisions that will contribute to the further integration of Ukraine into the European Union."

Let's remember that today the European Union is the largest trade partner of Ukraine. The international partnership builds on the prospect of intensifying trade. The share of trade in goods of the European Union is 40,2% of the total foreign trade of Ukraine. 

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