New Venture Fund Looks For Young Ukrainian Startups

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, December 23, 2021
New Venture Fund Looks For Young Ukrainian Startups

“Anchor Ventures” — a new fund with five investors and founders with expertise in various industries and deep ties to Ukraine

The fund works with teams at the pre-seed stage and is aimed at finding Ukrainian startups with the prospect of entering the US market.

The goal is funding and communication, training, and close collaboration with the teams. The fund helps to go all the way of a startup, from the first steps to attracting new investments by startups — a kind of mix of a venture fund and an accelerator.

In parallel with the search for teams and their projects, the fund is now at the stage of agreements on partnerships with other funds, acceleration, and incubation programs.

They are confident in the fund: there are a lot of startups in Ukraine, and for specific reasons, such as the absence of a favorable ecosystem and people who would direct the energy of founders in the right direction, most of them are local. Anchor Ventures would like to create a culture of startups in Ukraine and allow young entrepreneurs to scale their products.

Experience shows that the market and the niche always win over ideas. If we talk about startups, then the market volume in Ukraine is relatively small, which is why, first of all, the fund is ready to work with solutions that have the prospect of entering global markets and with people prepared for long-term relationships.

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