Night 6-7 December. War in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Night 6-7 December. War in Ukraine

"Shaheds" returned to Ukraine. Bavovna returned to Russia

On the night of December 6-7, Russia attacked several regions of Ukraine. In particular, the Shaheds returned which weren't used for almost a month due to low temperatures.

The Dnipro region was fired upon by Shaheds and artillery. The Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down all 8 drones. The Nikopol area of the region suffered from an artillery attack.

Zhytomyr region was also attacked by Shaheds. In the north of the region, such a drone was shot down.

Zaporizhzhia region. Shaheds and S300s were used against the Ukrainians of the 2 communes against civilian infrastructure. The Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down 6 Russian drones. As a result of the Russian attack, 3 people were injured, including a 15-year-old girl. Shells from the S300 hit private houses and a school.

In total, during that night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down 14 Russian drones, 1 Orlan and 2 more drones of an unidentified type.

The Ukrainian army launched strikes on 22 points of accumulation of personnel of the Russian army and several positions of enemy anti-aircraft missile systems.

Russian media report that in the Bryansk region of Russia, unknown drones attacked the Slava plant, a storage facility for the strategic state fuel reserve of the Russian defence Ministry. Huge explosion. The plant is located 80 km from the border with Ukraine. This military base has 48 tanks with a capacity of 2-5.000 m3 of aviation kerosene. The media claims that the tanks were empty, but from the published photos and videos, it is clear that this is not the case. Based on the available data, we can conclude that the Russian army has become poorer by 10-15.000 m3 fuel.

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