“Starlink Ukraine” — Licensed Operator of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 10, 2022
“Starlink Ukraine” — Licensed Operator of Ukraine

The Ministry of вшgital еransformation announces the registration of a new communication network provider — "Starlink Ukraine"

On April 19, Starlink Ukraine registered a representative office in Ukraine. And today, the company is officially added to the register of operators in our country.

"The company has just been entered in the Register of providers of electronic communication networks and services at number 1," Ministry of digital transformation.

Today, more than 10.000 Starlink installations operate in Ukraine. They serve the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, strategic facilities and help restore the digital structure of cities destroyed by the Russian occupation. This network entirely covers Kyiv (including Bucha and Irpin) and the Chernihiv regions. Moreover, Starlink operates even in small villages, such as  Zelena Polyana in the Kyiv region. Today, with the help of mobile devices, the internet from Elon Musk is distributed to residents of Zelena Polyana and the nearest villages of the Polisskyy district.

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