Ukraine Is Reborning Before Our Eyes

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 25, 2022
Ukraine Is Reborning Before Our Eyes

With 1 line of code, "Starlink" destroyed the Russian attack on the internet coverage in Ukraine

What does a war-torn city/town/village mean? This is when residential buildings were destroyed and burned by an enemy missile. When communications are damaged, there is no more water, electricity, internet, and even telephone communication in the city. This is when people live in huts built from the remains of their houses, collect rainwater for drinking and cook dinner on a fire. This is a ruined city, and there are now dozens of such in Ukraine.

Elon Musk also joined the restoration of Ukrainian cities. While muscovites sell their compatriots (now in short supply) sanitary pads for €30 per pack, people in Ukrainian villages use Starlink.

"Yes, in Bucha and Irpin, Lifecell (national internet operator) temporarily used Starlink stations instead of broken optical communication lines," Oleksii Kuleba, the Kyiv regional military administration deputy chairman.

The Russians, who are famous not only for the frequency of their hacker attacks but also for their low quality. At the C4ISRNET summit, US вepartment of вefense spokesman Dave Tremper announced Starlink's assistance in countering Russia's illegal actions.

"The day after the Russian jamming attempts appeared in the media, Starlink added a line of code and fixed everything. This Russian jamming attack was no longer effective."

On the cover of this article, you see an announcement from the administration of one of the liberated villages in the Kyiv region. Handwritten message text: “Announcement! Since April 10, 2022, Starlink 11 internet connection (password 27031995) has been installed near the village council building.”

Ukraine wins! Glory to Ukraine!

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