Launch of the “Lockheed Martin” Plant in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, June 19, 2023
Launch of the “Lockheed Martin” Plant in Ukraine

"Lockheed Martin" also announced its readiness to train Ukrainian pilots to work on the "F-16"

The manufacturers of the famous F-16, Lockheed Martin, said they are ready to help Ukrainian pilots master the piloting of this fighter. This option can be provided to the Air Forces of Ukraine as part of military assistance from NATO.

"We are ready not only to meet the need for new F-16 aircraft but also for any F-16 modifications, as well as training, equipment and systems," Lockheed Martin COO Frank St John.

The COO also noted the "incredible ability" of Ukrainian pilots to master Western technology, such as the GMLRS and Javelin MLRS.

"...very quickly mastered the use of these systems and applied them with great efficiency, so I am more than confident that Ukrainian pilots will master the F-16 and be able to use it very effectively in the shortest possible time," Frank St John.

St John added that in the future, Lockheed Martin is ready to consider launching its production in Ukraine or a border country in order to "ensure a permanent presence for exercises and maintenance."

We remind you that at the last meeting of the Ramstein format, the countries discussed the training of Ukrainians on the F-16 and the provision of these fighters to the Air Forces of Ukraine. The participating countries are already developing a training program for pilots and engineers on the basis of one of the European countries.

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