Ukrainians Work Even During War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 3, 2022
Ukrainians Work Even During War

In Ukraine, in 2.5 months the number of workers increased

The research company Gradus research has been surveying Ukraine every month since the beginning of the war. It is about business and the number of jobs at a critical time for the country.

Mayors in cities where there are no serious threats from the occupiers, call people to work. It helps the country support the economy and fight for its freedom. Therefore, even those companies that suspend their activities have resumed their operations.

Also, the areas in which there are no occupation troops, accept corporations from the hot spots of Ukraine. This is recorded even in the study. In the western and central regions of the country, the employment rate has increased. It is 70% and 58%. 44% returned to work in Kyiv.

At the beginning of the war, Gradus research achieved the following results:

  • 38% not employed;
  • 24% employed.

After 3 months of the war, only 23% of respondents are unemployed. Also, a survey by the research company Gradus Research shows that 36% of respondents work for the country.

The company notes that the number of citizens in the country, which in case of aggravation of the situation will not stop work and will not leave it, grows. This percentage increased from 41% to 53% per month. It is also expected that the performance of Ukrainians will continue to grow, thanks to the intention of 57% of respondents to return from abroad at the first opportunity. 

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