Night Turned Into a Day in the Dnipro 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Night Turned Into a Day in the Dnipro 

The occupying forces fired more than 20 missiles and drones per hour at night in the city

On May 22, at 3 am, the Dnipro was awakened by the explosion. It was the largest attack on the city since the beginning of the war. The army of Russia sent Iranian drones Shahed and cruise missiles X-22, X-101 to the sleeping people. According to the East Air command of Ukraine, 15 unmanned aerial vehicles and 4 missiles were defused. However, there are hits on civilian and state objects. 8 people were injured.

One of the rockets hit the rescue unit. The explosion destroyed more than 20 fire engines and special equipment. 25 private cars and several office buildings were also damaged. 2 fires were extinguished in the fire department. As a result of rescue work, 1 seriously injured man was found. Also, the enemy strikes destroyed a private enterprise in another area of the city. There, three multi-story buildings were destroyed.

In another, the Dnipro suburban district, Russian night terror wounded 7 people. They are given medical care. The level of damage is colossal: 9 cars, a kindergarten, administrative buildings, a shop, 3 private houses, and 9 multi-story residential buildings.

Residents note that this night has become not only loud and scary but also the brightest – in some parts of the city, the sky was purple, in some – white as the day. However, as soon as dawn approached the city, the Russian occupiers ceased terror. It should be noted that the occupiers decided from the first day of the war to exert moral pressure and attack certain cities exclusively at night.

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