No Analogue Failure of Air Defense by Russian Development

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 10, 2022
No Analogue Failure of Air Defense by Russian Development

Diploma "For the collapse of the defense industry of Russia" to the developers of Russian air defense systems 

At the most inopportune moment in Russia, they discovered unique futility at a record cost of a domestic-made weapon. The Russian Ministry of defense began investigations against the backdrop of experimentally proven dysfunction of the "unique, unparalleled, most powerful" S300 and S400 air defense systems. The manufacturer is the Russian state concern Almaz-Antey. The leadership of the concern, which produces fabulous air defense systems, is already on the way not only to the deprivation of posts but also to a prison term for undermining Russia's defense capability.

Yan Novikov and Mikhail Fradkov, (so far) the management of the concern, concluding a contract for several billion dollars, guaranteed the government 100% hit of the S300/S400 not only on Ukrainian targets but also on American HIMARS. Having criminally enriched himself with money allocated for the production and improvement of air defense, Novikov and Fradkov put weapons into service with Russia, which during their entire service did not shoot down a single target in Kherson and Donetsk. Moreover, with the help of HIMARS, Ukraine has already begun to destroy the Russian S300/S400 in Khartsyzsk. It turns out that Russian air defense not only cannot destroy Ukrainian targets, but they cannot even defend their own positions.

Glory to Ukraine!

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