No Land Trade-Offs!

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 5, 2022
No Land Trade-Offs!

The PM of the United Kingdom spoke for the preservation of the integrity and victory of Ukraine

The United Kingdom secretary of state, Liz Truss, addressed the annual conference of the ruling Conservative party in Birmingham. According to The Guardian, the prime minister of GB made a statement about Ukraine and Russia. She believes that the Ukrainian people are fighting not only for their security but also for world democracy and Britain's security. It referred to the illegality of Putin's recent referendums and territories. Truss believes that this move demonstrated the dictator's desire to destroy democracy and international law. In addition, Liz Truss announced the continuation of comprehensive support of Ukraine.

"We must not give in to those who want to conclude an agreement that deals with Ukrainian land. They offer to pay for the lives of Ukrainians for the illusion of peace. We will stand with our Ukrainian friends, no matter how long it takes. Ukraine can win. Ukraine must win. And Ukraine will win," said the politician.

Liz Truss' speech was crowned with applause, confirming the support of parliamentarians.

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