No Potato Anymore 

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 27, 2023
No Potato Anymore 

Poland closes last freight crossing for Belarus 

The Polish Ministry of interior reported that it has completely closed its borders to Belarusian trucks. Poland's last border crossing point, Kukuriki-Kozlovici, is no longer open to the aggressor. It will be recalled that Belarus has become a military platform for Russian missile strikes and offensives on Ukraine. Also, on February 20, Minsk decided to expel some Polish diplomats from the country.

"The liaison officer of the Polish Border Guard will leave Minsk by Wednesday evening. Probably, 2 Polish consuls from Grodno will also be expelled," said Polish spokesman Lukas Yasina.

Therefore, Poland responded and introduced its restrictions as early as 21 February. Thus, Belarus can try to export and import goods through Lithuania and Latvia (which also has its difficulties).

But Belarus itself has become hostage, and Russia can not wait for the rescue. Experts believe that Moscow plans to take Belarus to 2023.

"Russia's goals for Belarus are the same as those for Ukraine, only in the case of Belarus, Russia relies on a compulsion, not a war," said the US ambassador to the organization for security and cooperation in Europe, Michael Carpenter.

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