Norway Prepared a Batch of Intelligence Drones for Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, July 13, 2023
Norway Prepared a Batch of Intelligence Drones for Ukraine 

1.000 o the "Black Hornet" is going to serve Ukrainians during urban battles 

On 12 July, the Norwegian Ministry of defence announced a new aid package and how to counter the Kremlin's war of conquest. The Ministry has approved the transfer of 1.000 Black Hornet drones. This technique is produced by the Norwegian company Teledyne FLIR for efficient exploration. The drones are almost invisible, their weight is 32 grams. Also, the drone has built-in mechanisms that make it almost silent. If necessary, the drone is easily controlled and can be converted from a vehicle for target detection into a vehicle for point strikes in urban settings.

Black Hornet decided to transfer at the request of Ukraine. Ukrainian Armed Forces have already mastered mini-drones and actively use them in intelligence. The producing countries, the USA and Britain, only used early Norwegian development.

"Ukraine is pleased to see how Norway's advanced rendition of this type of reconnaissance drones. It developed in cooperation between the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Institute for defence research. Now we are handing over 1.000 new sets to Ukraine," confirmed defence minister Bjorn Gram.

Recall that earlier, Ukraine announced the creation of a drone army, Norway increased the amount of military aid for Ukraine in 2023 by $240 million.

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