Ukraine Tender for Airport Renewal

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 6, 2022
Ukraine Tender for Airport Renewal

A large-scale renovation of the airport was planned in Poltava, in the north-east of the country

The local authorities announced a tender for the renovation of Poltava Airport by the end of 2022. The short time frame is estimated at $56.000. Also, the tender winner is promised to get the opportunity of renegotiation of payment depending on the time of execution of a large order.

The project, which needs to be carried out in just one year, has already been worked out. For the creation of it from the region's budget has been allocated almost 910 thousand. The plan includes the following:

  • Removal of runways;
  • Replacement of the platform and steering wheel;
  • Construction of concrete structures.

After the old" rel="dofollow">runway has been removed, a new airway should be available at the airport. Its length will remain unchanged at 2.550 meters, but its width will increase by 3 cm, making the width of the new runway equal to 45 meters. According to the project, the thickness of the concrete coating is 20 cm. Such a decision will turn Poltava into a modern airport, which will be able to take midline aircraft. Now Poltavas' reception and aircraft dispatch complex serve only small aircraft of local aviation schools.

It is also expected to expand the apron. The new apron for medium-range aircraft should simultaneously accommodate at least five aircraft models. We may note that in Ukraine, the most popular models of air transport are: Boeing737 and Airbus A320. The length of one Boeing737 passenger aircraft is almost 29 meters, and the width of one wing is almost 30 meters. The Airbus A320 has a length and wingspan of 32 meters and 34.1 meters.

The renovation will allow the inhabitants of the north-east not to make the long way in their desire to go on holiday or solve business issues. Now Poltava people use the capital airport, Zaporizhzhia (center of the country), and Kharkiv (eastern part of the country) air fleets.

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