Norway Will Allocate Funds for Air Defense for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Norway Will Allocate Funds for Air Defense for Ukraine

Norway has committed to allocating €240 million for the air defense of Ukraine, contributing significantly to Germany’s announced purchase of the Patriot system and 100 missiles for Ukraine

Key Details:

  1. Total Contribution:

    • Norway's total allocation for Ukraine's air defense is €240 million.
    • Out of this, €125 million will specifically support the cooperation in purchasing the Patriot system and missiles.
  2. Collaborative Effort:

    • This funding is part of a collaborative effort with Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.
    • Together, these countries aim to quickly transfer 100 Patriot missiles to Ukraine.
  3. Official Confirmation:

    • The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed this contribution, emphasizing its commitment to Ukraine's defense needs.
  4. Background:

    • Germany had earlier announced the purchase of the Patriot system for Ukraine, with Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands joining in the funding effort.
    • This initiative underscores the collective support of these nations for enhancing Ukraine's air defense capabilities amidst ongoing conflicts.

This substantial financial commitment from Norway, along with contributions from Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands, marks a significant step in bolstering Ukraine's air defense systems with advanced Patriot missile technology.

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