Not Only People Have Been Brutalized by the Occupiers

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 11, 2022
Not Only People Have Been Brutalized by the Occupiers

"The Second World Army" abused animals

The liberation of the Kyiv region brought horrifying corpses of people and animals. No one ever thought that people could put their hands on dogs and cats. But the Russian army does not shy away from this. 

Advisor to the head of the Ministry of internal affairs Anton Gerashchenko said that the occupiers killed dogs for fun. Some dogs were kicked to death. Other dogs were nailed to street stairs and skinned.

In Makarov, Kyiv region, Russian occupiers killed a dog's mistress right on the house's doorstep. Now the Akitu dog sits outside the house and refuses to volunteer. A devoted dog named Rini has been waiting for the killed woman for over a month.

Another story from the outskirts of Kyiv is no less tragic. The invaders put a woman, her dog pitbull and puppy in the basement. The prisoners had no food or water. Probably, the Russian monsters wanted to see who would surrender first and want to eat meat. But even the fighting dog and also the mother of the puppy turned out to be kinder than the Russian army. The dogs were saved, now, they are fattened by volunteers. Unfortunately, the hostess of the animals is dead.

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