Spain Is Ready to Transfer 10 “Leopard” Tanks and 20 “M113” APCs to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, July 12, 2022
Spain Is Ready to Transfer 10 “Leopard” Tanks and 20 “M113” APCs to Ukraine

The Ministry of defense of Spain expressed its readiness for negotiations on the transfer of weapons to Ukraine under a trilateral scheme

It is known that earlier, Spain planned to transfer 40 Leopard tanks to Ukraine, but Germany blocked the transfer. In response to Germany's demands, Spain stopped transferring most of the military aid. Still, now the State Ministry of defense is studying the possibility of transferring 10 tanks on the department's balance sheet.

Tanks are transferred on the condition that Ukraine will repair and modernize them in Spain at the expense of the European Union Peace fund. To do this, Ukraine first needs to sign a contract with Spanish companies, and after that, will be a transfer of weapons to Ukraine. Ideally. But negotiations have not yet begun and Germany will likely block the transfer of the remaining 10 tanks.

It is known that earlier, Spain did not provide Ukraine with heavy weapons but only protective equipment, humanitarian aid, and defense materials. In case of successful negotiations, Spain will supply military transport to Ukraine for the first time.

Want to remind you, that this week Germany also blocked the transfer of €9 billion aid to Ukraine.

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