Not Only Russia Is Interested in Kyiv

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 16, 2022
Not Only Russia Is Interested in Kyiv

Scientists have documented UFOs over the capital of Ukraine

The main astronomical observatory of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine states that unidentified objects often fly over the capital of the country. They’re so fast that scientists don’t get a clear picture of them and understand their origins. Cross-section 2 Ukrainian stations have documented UFOs in the sky behind meteors. 1 of the stations is located in Kyiv, the other in the village of Vinarovka, 120 km from the capital.

The Pentagon is interested in an unidentified flying phenomenon from Ukraine. It’s said in the article Unidentified Air phenomena and event observation. According to scientific work, the Americans created an office to investigate strange phenomena. The mission is to synchronize the efforts of the department of defence and other federal agencies and the United States agencies to identify and attribute objects of military interest in the airspace.

As American colleagues were interested in the phenomenon, the Main astronomical observatory of the Ukrainian national academy of sciences decided to conduct an independent study. Ukrainian scientists continue to study new phenomena in the sky over Kyiv. They were able to establish that there are phantom bodies and cosmic, lonely, and group.

Such discoveries confirm Ukraine’s status as a space power. Scientific research can create the conditions for new international cooperation and the most significant discoveries.

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