“Transcarpathian Honey” and Other Geographical Names for the EU

Friday, July 23, 2021
“Transcarpathian Honey” and Other Geographical Names for the EU

Today, the Ministry of economy is working to register the geographical names of Ukrainian products to identify them in the European Union

The Ministry of economy has already agreed on the list of goods that claim to be protected as geographical indications, in particular: Frumushik Valley, Kherson Watermelon, Danube Bessarabia, Yalpug, Transcarpathian Honey / Transcarpathian Honey, Frumushik Lamb, Transcarpathia / Transcarpathian wine, Asha-Abag.

Such changes are aimed at making Ukrainian products a national asset for the EU. Following the certification approval process, these geographical indications will need to be registered at the national level. Geographical indications make it possible to identify a product, the invest.com/investing-in-ukraine/business-for-sale/buy-property/" rel="dofollow">properties of which depend on the stages of production carried out in a particular area, by the name of the place.

"Ukraine has many unique products that constitute a separate niche segment of the market and has an additional market value these are products with a clear geographical origin. We have already sent documents for inclusion in the European register of geographical indications about such authentic Ukrainian goods as Hutsul cow cheese, Hutsul sheep cheese and Melitopol cherry. We are currently considering a number of other goods that need legal protection,"  said deputy economy minister Iryna Novikova.

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