Notes About the Space Sphere of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 21, 2022
Notes About the Space Sphere of Ukraine

The government of Ukraine has supported the idea of a nationwide sciеntific and technical program for space research for the next 5 years

Ukraine is a country that can be successful in the space industry and has all the opportunities for that. Today, Ukraine is at a bifurcation point, when the old approaches to organizing space activities in Ukraine do not bring the desired result. Аs the world commercializes in space today, Ukraine reorganizes its astronautics to as one of the leading space countries.

Rеcently, Ukraine has been relying partly on foreign investment in the country's space industry. The figures shown in this concept are $1 billion, of which $500 million is from the state budget. The rest is foreign investment, which is aimed at the fact that in the future, we look forward to working with strategic investors in this area to join international programs, which are heard today in the world, especially in terms of the development of the Moon. 

If you take the program Artemis for the development of the Moon, it is divided into several subroutines. The first part concerns robots on the surface of the Moon, the other part – the creation and operation of a lunar station, there are also separate subprograms to create a lunar infrastructure on the way between the Earth and the Moon, the so-called orbital service. The technical base and scientific potential allow Ukraine to become a part of every Artemis point. Space science bureaus, missile refineries, and international confidence in the experience of engineers from Ukraine give our country a massive head start in the field of space exploration.

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