“Nova Post” Launched Post Machines in Czechia

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, July 12, 2023
“Nova Post” Launched Post Machines in Czechia

Automated parcel terminals have been appearing all over the country 

Information about the launch of parcel terminals throughout Czechia appeared on the website of the new mail small automatic self-service lockers for those who do not like to stand in lines. From now on, Ukrainians in Ukraine and Czechia can exchange parcels up to 30 kg in certain dimensions. Parcels up to €45 are tax-free, up to €200 the sender is required to pay 21% VAT on the value of the parcel, over €200 10% import tax and 21% VAT. Delivery time up to 5 days.

Today Nova Poshta works in cooperation with AlzaBox and GLS Parcel Box. In addition to parcel lockers, sending parcels from Nova Poshta offices is still available. Delivery is available to the address of the recipient, the department, and the parcel terminal from parcel terminals and through departments.

Today, more than 325.000 refugees from Ukraine live in Czechia.

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