Now Russians Will Not Watch Movies But Retell

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 29, 2022
Now Russians Will Not Watch Movies But Retell

"IMAX" banned the use of its format for film screenings in Russia

Due to Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine, the Canadian IMAX company left the Russian market in the spring. Now the corporation has banned Russian cinemas from using its maximum image technology. The sad news for the Russians was announced by the director of the Cinema Park and Formula Kino cinema chains, Alexei Vasyasin.

"It is impossible to show a film in IMAX format without IMAX permission. Even Russian films in this format, Movement Up, Stalingrad, now, unfortunately, we cannot show, because there is an immediate ban on the use of the format by the company," Alexey Vasyasin.

According to Vasyasin, Russia has the tools to pressure IMAX, namely the contract. Vasyasin plans to use this contract between Cinema Park and Formula Kino, and IMAX to return permission to use the format of the Canadian company.

"Firstly, we will file lawsuits, and secondly, we will show films in a different format on this equipment. We have a tough contract with them, according to which they are obliged to work here. There will be judgment if they don't remember this contract by the end of this year."

Due to the attack of the aggressor country on sovereign Ukraine, many world-famous companies and shows stopped broadcasting on Russian screens.

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