The Kremlin Lies About Ukraine’s Involvement in Hamas’ War Against Israel

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, October 9, 2023
The Kremlin Lies About Ukraine’s Involvement in Hamas’ War Against Israel

Russian propaganda misinforms that Ukraine sold weapons to Hamas terrorists with which they attacked Israel

On 7 October, Gaza militants attacked Israel, and military and missile clashes continue. The Federation of Fakes (Russian Federation) did not miss a chance to blame Kyiv for this tragedy either. Kremlin propaganda claimed that Palestinian terrorists attacked Israel and killed civilians with weapons purchased from Ukraine. According to propagandists, the terrorist group bought Ukrainian weapons, which it received from international partners to protect itself from Russia. In one of the propagandist's 12-second video, it is claimed that the occupiers near Ashkelon took Ukrainian protank grenade launchers and shells for them. Behind such high-profile accusations, there is not a single piece of documentary evidence: photographs, tracking routes, official statements from any party.

Nevertheless, Ukraine commented on the lie. The Ukrainian Ministry of defence stated that it was impossible to transfer weapons to Gaza. First, Ukraine does not cooperate with terrorists and shares the pain of the Israelis, who have suffered from the hands of the occupiers. The Ministry mentions that Israel is an ally of Ukraine. Secondly,  international partners closely monitor the movement of all arms and military equipment that Kyiv receives.

Such a Russian fake is no more than an attempt to weaken support for Ukraine and divert attention from its crimes through Hamas atrocities. Moreover, according to open sources, in 2023 Russia made a billion-dollar financial contribution to Gaza, and representatives of the Kremlin met with representatives of a terrorist group. As a result, Russia teaches Palestinians to use kamikaze drones, which are used in the war with Ukraine.

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