One of the Worst Parts of “Because of the War”

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
One of the Worst Parts of “Because of the War”

"Smart AID" donated portable incubators for newborns to care about babies during Russian bombardments 

Russia came with war while Ukrainian women have to study motherhood during the war. Ukrainian women do all this to raise a healthy generation without psychological trauma, envy, malice, etc. But now for parents and doctors, there is another problem that needs to be solved quickly and well in advance – the protection newborns from Russian missile strikes. For almost a year, mothers with babies have to go down to underground shelters. Air raids and enemy missile attacks can last up to several hours. That is why the maternity hospitals of Ukraine need to provide security for the life of newborns in the conditions of war.

The international charity organization Smart AID has decided to help the Ukrainian future and transfer equipment to the Kyiv region. The organization handed over portable incubators. They are children's envelopes and are designed to maintain optimal body temperature in the event of a sudden temperature change. Such a device will help to protect newborn children from danger, as well as to support the life of premature children, for whom any consequences of Russian missile strikes may be fatal.

"Premature babies cannot maintain their own temperature, and therefore we must provide them with comfortable living conditions. These converters-heaters can maintain a stable temperature of the baby for eight hours, without constant electricity," said the deputy of the Kyiv city council Olesia Zubrytska.

20 portable incubators to be distributed to Kyiv maternity hospitals. Such humanitarian aid will help doctors and parents not to worry about the temperature of the child's body during the descent into the bomb shelter. Many worries fell on the shoulders of Ukrainian mothers, and many responsibilities – on the hands of doctors. Russia brought a terrible childhood to Ukrainian children.

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