“Stand With Ukraine”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, January 1, 2023
“Stand With Ukraine”

World leaders mentioned Ukraine in their New Year's speeches

Yesterday, almost the whole world said goodbye to the most terrible year of the 21st century — 2022. In their New Year's speeches to their people, representatives of European countries and the United States paid attention to Ukraine and announced the continuation of the course of aid to our country.

"I want to say to our Ukrainian friends: we respect and admire you. Your fight to protect your country is heroic and inspires us. Next year, we will always be by your side. We will help you win and build a just and lasting peace," Emmanuel Macron.

"In 2023, we must double the protection of our values. More importantly, we will continue to stand by Ukraine for peace and freedom. Peace with dignity. And peace with security," Roberta Metsola.

"In 2022, Russia decided to fully abandon commitments to basic human rights and to attack Ukraine and global security. At the end of the year, Putin tries once again to force Ukrainians into darkness with despicable attacks. We are resolved to continue standing by Ukraine, also in 2023," Josep Borrell.

"2023 will be an opportunity for us to showcase the best of Britain on the world stage, continuing to stand with our Ukrainian friends against Putin's brutality and defending freedom and democracy wherever we believe they are under threat," Rishi Sunak.

"Here are my New Year predictions! Inflation will continue to turn down. China will recover from omicron. Putin will lose in Ukraine. And, all in all, 2023 will be a considerable improvement on 2022. Dare to dream. Happy New Year!" Boris Johnson.

"While sheltering together in the middle of the night during Russia's heartless attacks on Ukraine, diplomats from the US Embassy in Kyiv took a poll of our favourite quote of 2022. The winner (no surprise) was: "Russian warship..." the US embassy in Ukraine.

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