New Standards for Ukrainian Soil

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Thursday, December 16, 2021
New Standards for Ukrainian Soil

The state government has approved standards for maximum permissible concentrations of hazardous substances in soils

Standards for maximum permissible concentrations of hazardous substances in soils and their list were approved today at a meeting of the government. Measures have been set for 39 hazardous substances, the excessive content of which leads to harmful effects on the environment, soil pollution, and human health.

“Preservation and reproduction of soil fertility are important, especially in the context of land reform in Ukraine. The innovations allow citizens to protect their land from "unscrupulous" tenants who excessively deplete and contaminate the soil while using various concentrated fertilizers or pesticides for quick profits," said deputy minister of environment and natural resources of Ukraine.

He also said that the approved changes give the supervisory authorities the power to control the protection of land resources and compliance with environmental regulations and bring violators to justice.

This document also becomes the basis for:

  • Rational use, reproduction, and protection of land resources;
  • Taking measures to prevent contamination of lands with chemical and radioactive substances;
  • Compliance of economic entities with environmental standards in land use and protection.
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