One Russian Missile Is Dozens of Crippled Lives

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 9, 2022
One Russian Missile Is Dozens of Crippled Lives

A 5-year-old Ukrainian who lost a leg in the aftermath of a missile attack installed a prosthesis

In May, Russian soldiers sent a rocket to a residential house in the Kherson region. In an ordinary house was a Ukrainian family with a 5-year-old daughter Maryna. The girl was on the verge of death — her leg was torn off. 

To prevent the child from bleeding and dying, he was first taken to the nearest hospital in Krivyy Rih, Dnipro region. Then Maryna was transported to Kyiv to the Ohmatdet children’s clinic, where for 3 months she has been undergoing rehabilitation.

The hospital trained the girls psychologically and physically for the future — prosthetics. Doctors created a program for a 5-year-old to strengthen the muscles of the body. This helped to prepare the part of the remaining leg. Now Maryna has learned to keep coordination on one foot and freely move about in space. She has already been fitted with a prosthesis.

Psychologists also worked with the girl. Since everything that happened leaves a mark not only on the body but also on the psyche of the child.

Earlier we talked about the photo project Behind Blue Eyes, which also helps children to see the light in the dark.

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